Small World Labs Community

A Social Hub

The foundation of your community includes registration and login, welcome flows, member profiles, user dashboards, bookmarks, comprehensive search, and activity streams. Users are instantly updated on the latest community happenings.

Groups & Micro-Communities
These micro-community groups have open, closed, and hidden access privileges, as well as categories, activity stream, notifications, administrator roles, and members list. Optional discussion forums, photo center, video center, file center, resources & reviews, and events features are included in groups if a given feature has been licensed site-wide.

  Community Foundation
The foundation of your community, this feature includes a login area, my home dashboard, social sharing, bookmarks, and activity streams. In addition, it boasts member profiles, messaging, directory displays, and advanced searched capabilities. Our easy-to-use admin panel includes drag-and-drop creation. This page can stand alone or be seamlessly integrated with your existing website.

Talk and Learn

Members can create and participate in discussion forums and blogs, browse and review resources, and collaborate on documents. Using our social discussions feature, members can aggregate content from across the Internet, creating a valuable knowledge base.
Extended Discussion Forms
This forums discussion board area is not limited to the community, as “discuss in community” links can be used to pull information from the Internet into community threads.

Ability for admins or users to create blogs, add multiple bloggers (authors) per blog, and feature selected blogs.

Encourage Engagement

Members can coordinate events and receive points and badges for participating in the community, engaging with your organization both on- and offline.
This functionality enables users or admins to create events, invite users to events, and display attendees. Settings include private events (friends only), public events (visible to all), group events (in conjunction with group module), event location on map, RSVPs, and comments.

  Forms and Reviews Directory
This feature, a categorized directory of resources, products, and services, enables users to rate and review the items in the directory.

User-Generated Media

Users can upload photos, videos, and files, as well as comment and provide feedback on existing assets, enriching your site.
Video Center
Members can upload videos or include embedded videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Videos can be featured on any page, displayed on a member's profile, or in a community-wide video center.

File Center
Users can upload files to be featured on any page, a community-wide file center, or displayed on a member’s page.
  Photo Center
Photos can be uploaded, featured on any page, displayed on a member's profile, or in a community-wide photo center.

Our document collaboration area function includes public, private, and hidden documents. Groups of members can jointly edit documents, add comments, and publish a finished version.

Connected & Productive

Our platform reaches people where they are, regardless of device or time, and makes engagement more productive.

With our mobile optimization, members can stay connected to the community via their smartphones, no matter where they are.


Additional Features

Customized forms, approval work-flows, multiple languages, paid access, advertising, polls, mentoring options and more.
Member Personalization
With this function you can create multiple tiers (segments) of users, allowing different site content and page access for different segments. Users can belong to more than one segment.

Paid Access*
Charge for membership or Member Segments with out of the box integration with PayPal's Pay Flow Pro.

Foreign Languages
Display your community in a single foreign (non-English) language. Double-byte languages (e.g., Chinese) are supported.

Multiple Languages
Display your community in multiple languages. Double-byte languages (e.g., Chinese) are supported.

Automated Alerts & Notifications
Keep members engaged even when they aren't logged in with automated updates delivered to them.

Render advertisements using selected ad unit blocks and ad serving engine with results reporting.

Peer Review Submissions*
Collect submissions for peer review that can be managed via a workflow to assign a submission to selected members for processing and further assignment.

Mentoring Program Submissions*
Collect applications for a mentoring program that can be managed via a workflow for evaluation and matching purposes. * requires additional set up customization

Action Workflow
Set up automated workflow rules via point & click to improve manual processes, and staff efficiencies. Formalize your engagement ladder.