Calling all Competitors!

Are you a white-label social network provider? Are you exhibiting/sponsoring Enterprise 2.0? If you answered "yes" to both questions then I'm calling you out to join us on Wednesday night for a white-label battle royale. Before you start practicing your signature body slam, hold on, I'm talking about the Enterprise 2.0 Social Network Shoot Out.

Here are the details:

4-6 executives will go head to head in front of an audience of prospects in a party like atmosphere. The purpose will be to have the audience get to know our companies from a vision of the future and culture fit perspective- rather than the pitches we'll be bombarding them with during the rest of the show. To that end, executives will be asked to bring a 90 second presentation (it can be multimedia) about their company's vision of the role social networks will play in enterprise and answer questions (both pre-submitted and from the audience). After the shoot out, the audience will get a chance to mingle and vote for winners based on several categories.

Intrigued? Email me- seder at smallworldlabs dot com or find me on twitter @sameder. The deadline for sponsors is May 6th so act fast!